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Play the Deal Or No Deal Slot Machine

  • 3 seperate bonus features are available on the Deal Or No Deal slot machine
  • Win the 'choose a box', 'bankers best offer' or the 'reel banker' free spins features

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  • The Deal Or No Deal slot machine above is the second version, dubbed "Banker's Riches". It bears a similarity to X-Factor 2 slot in several ways: it's a sequel, it is based on a TV show, it has three feature rounds and a progressive jackpot. However as far as game-play goes, the Deal Or No Deal slot machine is very different. Games like the Iron Man 2 slot and excellent Gladiator slot machine have raised the bar for online slots and while Deal Or No Deal will have it's fans, it does feel a little dull alongside those games. But... it's not as volatile and for those whom entertainment is as important as making a profit, the Deal Or No Deal game has it's place.

    While most slot machines rely heavily on the free spin bonus to provide big wins (Pharaohs Fortune and the Dolphin's Pearl slot spring immediately to mind), the Deal Or No Deal slot's free spin feature is a little tepid by comparison. It's also random, triggered by 3 or more telephone symbols in view which can also award other features like "Banker's Offer". When you get the free spin feature, you have "unlimited" free spins, only stopping when the "Banker" appears on the middle reel. Which he tends to do quite quickly in my experience.

    The "Banker's Best Offer" feature does exactly what it says on the tin. If you know the TV show then this will be pretty obvious from the off. You get 10 offers and whn you accept one, the feature's over. Typically you might win up to 20x your bet if you choose wisely - it could be more, just that I haven't seen more than that yet.

    Several of the slot machines you can play here have multiple bonus features but it normally means there is a bit of a trade-off. Or put another way, it's generally an indicator that the game is lower volatility and one of those designed to provide more entertainment value rather then monster hits condusive to volatile games. The Deal Or No Deal slot game is one of those and short of hitting the progressive jackpot you are unlikley to walk away with a large wedge ofcash but you should have had a decent run for your money at least.